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On top of that, this periodical is authored from a paradigm influenced by the nearly 150 years of economic insight, understanding and perspective provided by the Austrian School, as well as the proto-Austrians that preceded the work of Carl Menger, who effectively founded the Austrian School in 1871 with the publication of his classic work, Principles of Economics.

Reaching Far Beyond the DC Beltway

But there is life, liberty and wealth beyond the DC Beltway. Our sources of news, commentary and analysis hail from all around the globe, and our unique news business model reflects a truly international diversity of opinion that today's investors need now more than ever.

Austrian Business Cycle Theory

The core concept underlying the editorial and analytical paradigm of Austrian School Publications and the Austrian Investment Report is what's known in economic circles as the Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

As the Mises Institute Wiki describes it:

"Banks expand credit well beyond their own assets and by the funds of their clients, often supported or encouraged by the setting of low interest rates by a central bank. This additional credit flow into the economy from increased borrowing for capital projects stimulates economic activity. Projects which would not have been started before seem now profitable, creating malinvestment. They increase demand for production materials and for labor and their prices rise, which, in turn, leads to an increase in prices of consumption goods. If the banks would stop the extension of credit, the boom would be rapidly over. To prevent the sudden halt of this boom (and the resulting collapse of prices), the banks must create more and more credit, and the prices will rise even more.

"But this expansion of credit cannot continue forever. There is no additional capital or labor; there is only more money (and debt). The means of production and labor which have been diverted to the new enterprises have to be taken away from others. Society is not sufficiently rich to permit the creation of new enterprises without taking away from others. As long as the expansion of credit is continued this will not be noticed, but it can't be pushed indefinitely. The inflation and the boom can last only as long as the public thinks that the prices will stop rising in the near future. When the public becomes aware that the inflation will not end, and that prices will continue to rise, panic sets in. Eventually, people may give up the currency and rush to exchange money for goods, buying things they have no use for, just in order to get rid of the money (the so-called 'flight into real values.')"

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The raison d'être of Austrian School Publications and its flagship newsletter, the Austrian Investment Report, is to provide news, analysis and commentary on the global financial markets for individual investors from the laissez-faire perspective of the Austrian School of Economics, which blossomed into full strength with the teachings of Ludwig von Mises.

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There are other publications that focus on investor issues, but nearly all of them merely regurgitate government talking points or reflect Wall Street sales culture hype. The few that challenge government/Street cant don’t have the editorial independence this newsletter is produced with. We are beholden to no one but you.

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Next, that veteran financial journalist is based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, where 20 years of experience has yielded a wealth of knowledge about how power is accumulated and wielded. If that power is going to be used against your financial interests, you need as much actionable intelligence as you can get, as soon as possible. The Austrian Investment Report will provide it.

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